Monday, May 2, 2011

Toronto Alternative Fashion and Arts Week 2011: Wednesday April 27th, Day 2

What a whirlwind romance I have to say! FAT 2011 is finally over and I've been bleeding from the eyes for the past few days. A combination of late nights and fast food to early mornings glued to my laptop, I had to attach an IV of expresso to my veins to literally pull through the days. But I'm not complaining in the least! This entire experience has allowed me to examine fashion and art from an entirely different spectrum, network and meet some truly amazing people and just revel in the creatively and passionately insane...ya man, this is definitely my type of hype!

So I realize I'm waaaay behind in my updates but like I mentioned before, you can catch my reviews for FAT 2011 on their official blog tagged under SoHo Monet.

So one of the features I liked about the venue is that they had a media room with WIFI where I could blog immediately after catching a performance or runway. The tables where littered with colourful Post It notes and sharpies where people could write random shit and stick them to the walls for people to check out.

I also discovered my inner groupie and found myself mesmerized by Montreal New Wave foursome GIRL.  
You can check out my review on them here:

These dudes are amazing and I can honestly say that we'll be hearing a lot of buzz about them forthcoming!

Che and me vibing the show! 

this photo was jacked! courtesy of Che's awesome blog!

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