Sunday, October 2, 2011

F As In Frank Toronto Store Launch!

F As In Frank opened their doors last night introducing Toronto to their newest location situated at 418 Queen St West, downtown Toronto.  Jesse and Drew Heifetz and the homie Chris "Landlord" Morrison decided to bring their vintage collection to Toronto, which also aligns with their Vancouver location. 

"Their first store opened in 2007, a new addition to the Whistler shopping experience. It supplied an eclectic collection of vintage clothing and was a ‘one of a kind’ shopping experience. F AS IN FRANK quickly gained a cult following in the area, leading to the opening of their larger and more innovative location in Vancouver. With the growth of their wholesale business both in Vancouver and in Toronto, the retail location is never in short supply and has the largest and most curated selection in the city."

Yep business is good. With custom interior like an imported front counter from Niagara, handcut shelving and metal piping for display, even tree trunks were brought into zen the shop. Old school ghetto blasters, a vintage Singer sewing machine from the early 1900's and an analog bagphone??  Yup they are true to the brand and vision. 

 International Wholesalin', retailin', basically stuntin', F As In Frank has all your vintage and throwback needs, keeping true to the streetstyle genre of originality and individuality. Snapbacks, vintage rock tees, shoes and accessories galore, who needs ebay?? F As In Frank has got your back. 

Shaved heads unite:

Drew, Me, Chris "Landlord" and Jesse

You can also check out my facebook page for exclusive pics of the event!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Street Style: Fall FRESH

Run the game...

Jacket: Custom Roots Canada Varsity Jacket
Denim: Natural Selection
Boots: BePositive and Stussy Deluxe
Toque: Stussy
Frames: RetroSuperFuture

Italian brand BePositive and Stussy Deluxe collabo'd for these dope military boots. Only 8 made it to Canada, 4 black and 4 olive...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brand Awareness: Joe Fresh

Who woulda known Loblaw's could be so chic?? 
Enter Joe Fresh, a stylish and affordable clothing and accessories line for the entire fam. 
Officially launched in 2009 as a beauty and cosmetics line, the brand has seriously evolved into a powerhouse of apparel, cosmetics, home decor and probably on it's way to more. Joe Fresh is officially stretching to our American counterparts with stores opening in New York, New Jersey and Long Island this Fall.
You can also catch them at LG Fashion Week which runs October 17-21st. I'm looking forward to their show because I missed them earlier this year at Fashion Week. 

I took some shots of their girls wear today while grocery shopping lol. My daughter is so keen on her own personal style so here are some of our picks:

Holla! $29 for these cute little motorcycle boots. Synthetic material obviously...she'll probably mash them up in 2 weeks time anyhow lol. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Large On The Streets: Dipset's Vado's in Toronto Sept 30th

What are you doing on September 30th and Oct 1st? That's what I're gonna be hangin' with us and our FRONT LINE UNION fam while we kick it with Dipset's VADO as he jams at Traffik Night Club @ 287 Richmond St. W in T.Dot. on Sept 30th! Also you can check out his performance at Club 77 @ 77 King William St in Hamilton on Oct 1st. Both venues are also featuring a performance from female recording artist Diamond from the My Chick Bad remix!

Vado: Large On The Streets
Big up on the Big L sample!

Click here for the Facebook link on the event.

Vado lookin' fresh:

image source:

See you there!

Concrete Junglez: Canadian Graffiti Part Three

Location: Back Alleys of Queen St, Downtown Toronto

Monday, September 19, 2011

Freedom Walk 2011

To be FREE. Free from everything that binds us down, robs us of who we are and takes away what chances we have in life.

[free-them] is an organization of dedicated and passionate people, founded with the belief and heart to fight global human trafficking and abolish the modern day slave trade.  

You'd think stuff like this doesn't exist in Canada but the statistics are actually pretty scary. The media also doesn't cover everything and it's almost like it's taboo to talk about these things or even address some of these issues. It's also so glamourized on TV and in movies. Looking for a great time? "Ya man let's head over to the nudie bar and watch some pussy and have some drinks!" Everyone is guilty in some way shape or form of somehow funding these sick organizations. Even watching porn. Hit up the strip club, yep. Who knows what happens behind closed doors. There's rhyme and reason for everything. 

If you're interested in getting involved with [free-them] or educating yourself on this global issue, you can visit their and . They are also still accepting donations until October!

Check out some images below of their 2nd annual Freedom Walk 2011 that I attended on September 18th. It was such a powerful feeling to see such a massive turn out of supporters unified for this cause. The organizers themselves were so overwhelmed with the response that more Metro cops were needed to help chaperone the event.  


Location: 77 Adelaide St W, Downtown Toronto

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Speed of Sound: Lissie

Ever since I heard her cover of Kudi's "Pursuit of Happiness", she's been haunting my dreams and has successfully planted the seed of her soul inside my head, ears and heart...

Lissie, as per Wikipedia, has her musically classified as country, folk, rock, but she's so much more than that. She's ethereal and intangible. Her voice give me chills and I'm not gonna lie, she makes me cry.  She quite frankly almost brings me to orgasm by watching her perform and sing her fuckin heart out. I can feel her passion and her raw energy radiating through her music and if that's not supernatural talent, I don't know what is.

image source:

**Her band is also amazing.  Check out her mate who's playing bass AND drums at the same time!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rundown: Nerd Alert

Originally I was supposed to be wearing this oversized dorky patterned bowtie that I have, but I couldn't find it so I had to substitute the look for my old skool rope chain.  It completely changed the vibe of the outfit :(  But I'm hoping you get the gist of the look I was going for...dorky college pro fresh!

I looks like something similar to this:

The Rundown:
Oxford shirt: Wilfred
Shorts: Club Monaco
Shoes (unseen): Christian Louboutin
Accessories: Michael Kors watch, RetroSuperFuture frames, custom nameplate rope chain and bamboo earrings Nellies Custom Design Jewellers, SoHo beaded bracelets

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stolen Moments: Vintage Vehicular Homicide

Dude let me borrow your car...but only if it comes with a flux capacitor...
It's the DeLorean babyyyy

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seven for All Mankind Yorkdale Launch!

I went to the 7FAM flagship store opening launch party at Yorkdale Mall yesterday and it was a sardine fest. It was so rammed with people you had to literally throw dem 'bows to get around.  Aside from the lack of space though, it was great! A lot of familiar faces, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, tunes by DJ Vaneska, loads of denim and some truly spectacular artwork. 

The soirée was hosted by Canadian-Somali supermodel Yasmin Warsame, which also featured a silent auction with all proceeds of the night solely dedicated and donated to The African Future, a charitable organization delivering food and medical services to the victims of drought in Somalia.  Amazing!

The store itself also featured and will continue to showcase the Seven Senses which is a group exhibit of 7 Toronto based artists: Caitlin Cronenberg, Justin Broadbent, Elicser, Curtis Santiago, Phoebe Lo, Bryan Espiritu and Julie Moon. The show will continue to run from August 31st-September 8th.

Below are some pics of the event.  You can catch the rest of them on my Facebook page. 

Bryan Espiritu's piece:

I am seriously turned on my this lol: 

Ashley Joseph! I saw her tank and beelined for her lol. Her's is the clean version. 

The denim in various cuts and styles. I like Seven's as they mould to my hips and ass, aka a great buy.


The Rundown:

Sweater: Voeu T Laxe
Leather Shorts: Zara
Accessories: Club Monaco braided belt, BCBG heels, LV Tivoli tote, RetroSuperFuture frames, beaded natural stone bracelets by SoHo Monet

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Street Style: Creatives in Hiding...

Location: Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto
Name: Kevin

These pics are out of focus sorry. Clearly I need to up my prescription...

I love the dyed 'do which matches the fox tail! Oreos and Good Wood, this kid is fresh!