Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brand Awareness: Joe Fresh

Who woulda known Loblaw's could be so chic?? 
Enter Joe Fresh, a stylish and affordable clothing and accessories line for the entire fam. 
Officially launched in 2009 as a beauty and cosmetics line, the brand has seriously evolved into a powerhouse of apparel, cosmetics, home decor and probably on it's way to more. Joe Fresh is officially stretching to our American counterparts with stores opening in New York, New Jersey and Long Island this Fall.
You can also catch them at LG Fashion Week which runs October 17-21st. I'm looking forward to their show because I missed them earlier this year at Fashion Week. 

I took some shots of their girls wear today while grocery shopping lol. My daughter is so keen on her own personal style so here are some of our picks:

Holla! $29 for these cute little motorcycle boots. Synthetic material obviously...she'll probably mash them up in 2 weeks time anyhow lol. 


  1. One of the most needed wardrobe for this season is jacket/coat. Fall is already here and we are ready to mix and match our outfits which stocked in our closet for months.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!