Monday, January 31, 2011

Visuals 101: January 31, 2011 Chainsaw Wood Sculpting!

This is pretty rad.  I pass this sculpture on a regular and finally took a moment to shoot some stills...I almost got run over by a nutjob in the process but hey, all in the name of this blog :)  Anyhow, this artist is a Canadian Chainsaw sculptor by the name of Jim Menken.

I remember passing this tree stump sporadically and kept noticing subtle changes to it every time.  I knew someone was working on it but I never saw who. 

This artist is truly fascinating. I just can't get over the characterized detail of each animal!  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Street Style: January 28, 2011

Location: Downtown Toronto
Name: The Fresh Prince

 Mosley Tribes: Lyndel Beaded Sunglasses

 In The Fresh Prince's possession, is 1 of 10 of the limited edition handmade Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded sunglasses inspired by Native American arts and culture.  Born from the patterned influences of hand woven blankets, these frames are accentuated by brightly coloured ceramic beads and is considered functioning haute couture for your eyeballs. 

Big Up Spectacle on Queen!

Street Style: January 28, 2011

Location:  American Apparel in Sherway Gardens, Toronto
Name:  Sheldon


This is personal style at it's best. You take something that influences who you are and translate it into your everyday canvas.  I didn't get a chance to ask him what influences his style, but when I look at these pics, I think of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. I think of the 1920s or 30's of the Harlem Renaissance.  He has a chic scholarly sophistication about him, from the part in his hair to the tan saddle oxfords.  Even the dark magenta socks he's rockin' speaks volumes about his style. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Street Style: January 27, 2011

Location:  Holt Renfrew, Downtown Toronto, Bloor Street
Names: Malcolm and Rodney

Details! Details! I love these two and their clean and relaxed style! Check out the peekaboo lining and stitching on Malcolm's coat, down to the perfected scoffing on his shoes that can only be achieved with time, kinda like a great leather belt.

Rodney's look has that fresh, polished appeal. Clean khaki overcoat with the collar flipped, crisp white V-neck tee, and a great pair of denim with neutralizing boots just bring it all together! The cool ass leather messenger bags just add to the appeal.

Is it me or does Rodney resemble the great Anderson Cooper??

Location:  Downtown Toronto, Bay and Bloor Street
Names: Jenna and Luc (sorry if I didn't get your names spelled right)

I'm gonna take a good guess and say that Jenna is artistic in some way. If you know the colour wheel, then you know that red and green are complimentary of each other and I think that's exactly what pulls her look.  The green scarf and red boots are like the North and South Pole but one in the same. 

Luc's blue and white checkered shirt under her Northface, paired with her indigo denim and worn leather boots have a rugged appeal. I'm a glasses enthusiast and both of their frames refine each of their looks. 

Concrete Junglez: Canadian Graffiti Part One

Location:  Downtown Toronto, Back alleys of Queen and Augusta

Graffiti stands to remain controversial in it's classification of art.  Some people say it is...some say it isn't. However, if it visually catches your eye and it causes you to think about it, negative OR positive, then it constitutes a form of art. There's no concrete answer and the opinion depends on the perspective of individual.  It's not like a math equation where the answer is always definite.  Art is a form of expression and communication from the artist to the viewer and graffiti just confirms that theory.

Look at it any way you want to, true art takes all forms and always provokes your thought process and some way, some how, it always ties subconsciously to your mind.

If you look closely, there's the deck of a skateboard tacked on the board. How fucking cool and creative is that???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Style Icons: Annie Hall

Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love mens wear.  I hawk GQ's website and always check out The Sartorialist section and not to mention, stalk Scott Schuman's Sartorialist blog .  I actually prefer men's fashion over women's and most of the clothes I buy and wear, will most likely have undertones of the opposite sex. 

One of my favourite actresses of all time knows how to perfectly embody masculine femininity.  Not only are Diane Keaton's meltdowns legendary in her films, her early style, particularly in Annie Hall, still remains to be one of the greatest style influences.

image source:

image source:

Check out Vogue's Parisian chapter's version of the famous couple:

image source:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Visuals 101:

I come from a long line of artists and visionaries.  My family descended from the fourth ruling king of the Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great who actually coined the written language of Hangul, aka Korean!

So anyways, this isn't a history lesson, but just to show you how creativity and innovation is programmed into my genes (I have total bragging rights! I'm playing...or am I??)

 I want you guys to check out my mother's website:

She's a major figure in the Canadian and International arts scene.  She's travelled to many countries representing Canada in countless art shows and is a major heavyweight in the artistic community. 

Check out some of my favourite pieces:

In Abstract

"Through the Door"

"Blue Moon Rising"

In Watercolour:

"Passing of Seasons"

This one is pretty cool.  If you look closely, in the middle on the right side where the fallen tree branches are, you can see a face of a smiling man.  She didn't even do that intentionally either.  At one of her shows, there was a woman standing in front of the painting crying.  My mom asked her if she was okay and the woman proceeded to tell her of "the man's smiling face" in her painting that reminded her of her father who recently passed! 

Now every time I look at this painting, I see The Smiling Man's Face.  It's kinda coincidental that the painting is also called "Passing of Seasons" 

Brand Awareness: 8.15 August Fifteenth

8.15 August Fifteenth is one of my favourite brands.  They incorporate a realness of everyday life to them.
Not only do the clothes make a statement, but the thesis behind the name 8.15 August Fifteenth is so deep that it appeals so much more to the brand. It's based on two important dates in history:  The day World War II officially ended, August 15th, 1949; and the first day of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, August 15th, 1969.

This is the store entrance located in Tribeca NYC.  It's a combo of urban sprawl with a little bit of industrial farmhouse chic with a utilitarian edge. Like how much more steak and potatoes (or tofu and soy for you cool vegetarians) can you be??! I'm in love I swear...

image source:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stolen Moments: January 23, 2011

I always drive by this van and find it so seems so out of place but at home all the same.  It's literally abandoned in this field right beside a farm complete with cows and all.  It's a story in itself with so many possibilities...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Street Style: Vintage 1975

I love the 70's and the natural, easy styles that came along with it. Not only one of my favourite time periods in music, but fashion was so relaxed without trying so hard.  Like sometimes you'll see people's styles that are so laid back, but you damn know that that outfit took some serious planning and articulation.  Often times the best looks are the ones that look like you just rolled out of bed, picked your jeans off the floor and showered in them, threw on yesterday's shirt out the hamper because it wrinkled just right and hit the road...effortless!

These are my parents in the mid 70's!

I love the pocket flaps and the rolled up sleeves.  A button down can be totally transformed into a different look when the sleeves are carelessly rolled.

Shoulder strap bags seem to be all the rage recently but here's where the style was perfected and loose.

High-waisted denim with a worn tie dye shirt, tinted frames and blue skies and sea...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Street Style: January 18, 2011

Location: HM in Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga
Name: I didn't get it damn it!

I saw this girl as soon as I walked in! Her style definitely caught my eye! I didn't even have my camera on me so I took it on my Blackberry hence the resolution :(  Anyways, she has so many elements of personal style which is reminiscent of Dogtown in the 1970s  (totally random i know but maybe it's the long blond hair and the cool hand gesture) meets chic urban grit in a road clash on Rural Route 6. This chick has baaaaad ass style. I love androgyny!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The SoHo Monet Collection: SoHo's on Facebook check it out!!

As you know, I have a jewelry collection that will be launching soon. 
Every piece is handmade and one of a kind, there are no duplicates! Everything I make is something I can picture myself wearing and if you don't know already, I love things that are totally off the radar and experimental! 
Below are just a few off what's coming off the collection.

copy and paste the link and let me know what you think!

SoHo's on Facebook check it out:

Single strands of a peacock feather, wood and glass beads, goldtone chains, 14K gold plated hooks

Leather cord, stressed and washed cotton, wood and ceramic beads, goldtone chains, 14K gold plated hooks

Stressed and washed cotton, glass, metal and wood beads, 14K gold plated hooks

Braided leather cord, goldtone chains and jumpers, 14K gold plated hooks

Feathers, glass and metal beads, cross charm, 14K gold plated hooks

Peacock feathers, black leather cord and goldtone chains, 14K gold plated hooks

Feathers, glass, metal and wooden beads

SoHo BoHo!

Welcome to the official blog of SoHo Monet!

Here you'll get to know the multiple personalities that make up SoHo Monet! From info on my forthcoming handmade jewelry collection, SoHo's globetrotting travels, random encounters with street style and fashion, this is where you'll get a chance to see what goes on in my mind and defines who I am...or rather who WE are!

See you soon!!