Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Street Style: Vintage 1975

I love the 70's and the natural, easy styles that came along with it. Not only one of my favourite time periods in music, but fashion was so relaxed without trying so hard.  Like sometimes you'll see people's styles that are so laid back, but you damn know that that outfit took some serious planning and articulation.  Often times the best looks are the ones that look like you just rolled out of bed, picked your jeans off the floor and showered in them, threw on yesterday's shirt out the hamper because it wrinkled just right and hit the road...effortless!

These are my parents in the mid 70's!

I love the pocket flaps and the rolled up sleeves.  A button down can be totally transformed into a different look when the sleeves are carelessly rolled.

Shoulder strap bags seem to be all the rage recently but here's where the style was perfected and loose.

High-waisted denim with a worn tie dye shirt, tinted frames and blue skies and sea...

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