Monday, January 24, 2011

Brand Awareness: 8.15 August Fifteenth

8.15 August Fifteenth is one of my favourite brands.  They incorporate a realness of everyday life to them.
Not only do the clothes make a statement, but the thesis behind the name 8.15 August Fifteenth is so deep that it appeals so much more to the brand. It's based on two important dates in history:  The day World War II officially ended, August 15th, 1949; and the first day of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, August 15th, 1969.

This is the store entrance located in Tribeca NYC.  It's a combo of urban sprawl with a little bit of industrial farmhouse chic with a utilitarian edge. Like how much more steak and potatoes (or tofu and soy for you cool vegetarians) can you be??! I'm in love I swear...

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