Thursday, January 27, 2011

Street Style: January 27, 2011

Location:  Holt Renfrew, Downtown Toronto, Bloor Street
Names: Malcolm and Rodney

Details! Details! I love these two and their clean and relaxed style! Check out the peekaboo lining and stitching on Malcolm's coat, down to the perfected scoffing on his shoes that can only be achieved with time, kinda like a great leather belt.

Rodney's look has that fresh, polished appeal. Clean khaki overcoat with the collar flipped, crisp white V-neck tee, and a great pair of denim with neutralizing boots just bring it all together! The cool ass leather messenger bags just add to the appeal.

Is it me or does Rodney resemble the great Anderson Cooper??

Location:  Downtown Toronto, Bay and Bloor Street
Names: Jenna and Luc (sorry if I didn't get your names spelled right)

I'm gonna take a good guess and say that Jenna is artistic in some way. If you know the colour wheel, then you know that red and green are complimentary of each other and I think that's exactly what pulls her look.  The green scarf and red boots are like the North and South Pole but one in the same. 

Luc's blue and white checkered shirt under her Northface, paired with her indigo denim and worn leather boots have a rugged appeal. I'm a glasses enthusiast and both of their frames refine each of their looks. 

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