Thursday, January 27, 2011

Concrete Junglez: Canadian Graffiti Part One

Location:  Downtown Toronto, Back alleys of Queen and Augusta

Graffiti stands to remain controversial in it's classification of art.  Some people say it is...some say it isn't. However, if it visually catches your eye and it causes you to think about it, negative OR positive, then it constitutes a form of art. There's no concrete answer and the opinion depends on the perspective of individual.  It's not like a math equation where the answer is always definite.  Art is a form of expression and communication from the artist to the viewer and graffiti just confirms that theory.

Look at it any way you want to, true art takes all forms and always provokes your thought process and some way, some how, it always ties subconsciously to your mind.

If you look closely, there's the deck of a skateboard tacked on the board. How fucking cool and creative is that???

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