Monday, January 24, 2011

Visuals 101:

I come from a long line of artists and visionaries.  My family descended from the fourth ruling king of the Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great who actually coined the written language of Hangul, aka Korean!

So anyways, this isn't a history lesson, but just to show you how creativity and innovation is programmed into my genes (I have total bragging rights! I'm playing...or am I??)

 I want you guys to check out my mother's website:

She's a major figure in the Canadian and International arts scene.  She's travelled to many countries representing Canada in countless art shows and is a major heavyweight in the artistic community. 

Check out some of my favourite pieces:

In Abstract

"Through the Door"

"Blue Moon Rising"

In Watercolour:

"Passing of Seasons"

This one is pretty cool.  If you look closely, in the middle on the right side where the fallen tree branches are, you can see a face of a smiling man.  She didn't even do that intentionally either.  At one of her shows, there was a woman standing in front of the painting crying.  My mom asked her if she was okay and the woman proceeded to tell her of "the man's smiling face" in her painting that reminded her of her father who recently passed! 

Now every time I look at this painting, I see The Smiling Man's Face.  It's kinda coincidental that the painting is also called "Passing of Seasons" 

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