Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toronto Alternative Fashion and Arts Week 2011: Tuesday April 26th, Day 1

The first day of F.A.T. 2011 was definitely an experience.  I've never attended before and as my virgin FAT experience, I have to say it was pretty cool because not only am i blogging officially for Toronto Alternative Fashion and Arts Week, I get to an all access pass to meet and greet with the designers, artists, performers and innovators. 

To read my reviews click here:

Check out some of the pics below:

Some of my chosen from each runway show below:

Martin Lim

Epoque by Thea Barber:


Some of the "Alternative" attendees below:

Louis J. Manzo below. Collaborating with Baby Steinberg, whom I've featured in previous articles before,  their collection is called Miller Monroe and features an innovative twist on menswear.  Their show is scheduled for runway this Friday the 29th. Come and check them out!

An amazing performance by NLP below. You can read my review on them here:

One of the cool things about the event is that it features something called The Dressing Room Project. This is a showcase of different installations that reflect on fashion, clothing and creativity. Below is the Teddy Bear Project which had these cool and freakish little huggables. 

These ones were my favs:

Me and my homegirl Che, who's also blogging for FAT:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Rundown

The Rundown:

Silk Dress: Wilfred
Blazer: T. Babaton
Accesories: Aldo boots, my trusty RL belt, Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli GM tote, RetroSuperFuture frames, feathered hair dropdown piece of my own design, SoHo Monet

F.A.T. Launch Party!

Hey Guys! I've received an amazing opportunity to officially blog for Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week or F.A.T. if you're in the know ;) 

F.A.T. is an annual multi-arts event that features an amazing and groundbreaking collective of contemporary fashion designers, visual artists, bands and performers.  Each participating individual or group gives us the opportunity to venture into their imaginarium and experience their creativity through sight, sound and motion.

This year's festival will showcase runway shows, live performances, music, photography exhibits, video screenings and installation exhibits all allowing us passage into the mind of each visionary.

I invite you to visit the official site and take a tour of the amazing events to come starting April 26th-29th, which will be held at 99 Sudbury Street, downtown Toronto.

Check out some photos of last nights official F.A.T. Launch Party!

Executive Director of F.A.T. Vanja Vasic

Designer Heidi Ackerman below:

Some featured designs from Baby Steinberg below:

Featured works from Olena Sullivan:

My homie, Che of and myself:

The Fresh Prince and a party attendee:

Drummer of Babalao: