Sunday, April 3, 2011

LG Fashion Week!!

The Business of Fashion...WORK IT...and I have to honestly say, it was WORKED!
From the constant hustle and bustle of hard working designers and models, editors and bloggers, to the streamline of fans and socialites, LG Fashion Week 2011 took Toronto by storm. I unfortunately missed the most of the week, but I was at least graced with the opportunity to catch some pretty amazing designers translate their visions into wearable art.  

Friday showcased studio shows by OR by Angela Chen, Sarah Stevenson and diepo, while Klaxton Howl, Amanda Lew Kee, Line Knitwear and Encore featuring Line Knitwear pranced the runways. 

The first show was OR by Angela Chen which remains to be one of my favourites. I loved the wonderful pairing of sexy slouching cable knits and sheer feminine drapery. 
 Each piece eluded such a sensual, easy appeal that left me drooling and reaching for my wallet. 

I had a minor camera dilemma during the show itself, but thankfully I was redeemed backstage.

Myself and Angela Chen. She's a breath of fresh air!

The second studio was the wonderful Sarah Stevenson. I got a taste of her collection at Warchild's Rock the Runway in early March and she definitely left me speechless! Her patterns reminded me of Jackson Pollock's colourful dripping techniques, while her pieces were reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period with their breezy and light fabrics.  I also loved the way the models had their hairstyled and some with their intricate beading and headpieces which just completed each outfit.


The wonderful Sarah Stevenson below:

Klaxton Howl was the first runway show of the night and if you follow me, you'll probably already know I have a taste for mens wear.  He was clearly channeling nautical latitudes but I also was seeing some  American depression era style workwear which I felt worked really well.  I also like how the show was executed involving some pretty cool props.

This one below was my favourite.

The last runway show I saw was non other than Amanda Lew Kee's! As you know, I love everything she drops and this collection was no different.  The lights dimmed and the show began with one of my favourite classics, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" so I was automatically smitten, but to be honest, I had mixed feelings during the show. However, when I got home and was going through the pics, I began to see her vision and fell back in love. She is truly an artist and passionately creative with her work and I can see it in this year's show.  She took a futuristic "Fifth Element" approach in some of her pieces working with iridescent metallics and cutting layers. Other pieces were sheer blacks with cinched waists, gold embellished zippered cropped suits. My favourites of the night were the 2 zippered jackets with beautifully intricate designs that very much reminded me of my mother's Asian jewelry boxes as a child, which used to be inlaid with Mother of Pearl and black lacquered wood. 

My favourite!

I unfortunately missed the diepo and Line shows so I wish I could comment but to sum it up, I was greatly impressed with every designer's collection and the hard work and dreams that were born and sewn in each work of art. LG Fashion Week 2011 was definitely a positive experience and I'm already looking forward to October!


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