Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visuals 101: Colours of Jamaica

Jamaica always stands to remain one of my favourite places so far.  It really is my home away from home and I make it point of duty to revisit it atleast once a year if I'm lucky. Check out some of my pics while there earlier this week. 

Location: Whitehall Road, Kingston, Jamaica.

A corner store. One of the many shops that are positioned on frequent corners around the way.

Location:  Hundred Lane, Red Hills Road, Kingston.  One of the more lawless neighbourhoods of uptown Kingston. I had to snap these shots discreetly as those with cameras and blackberries are targets for easy jackings as of late.  

Drum Chicken corners.  Local fast food! When the sun goes down, you'll find these almost anywhere.  Jerk/BBQ chicken is seasoned and cooked in large makeshift bbqs cut from oil drums. Just throw some Jamaican ketchup and hot sauce on that biatch with some hardo bread and I'm good to go!

A shoe shine shop. I bet this guy is the best there is!

Buju Banton's studio.

Location: Cassava Piece, Kingston, Jamaica

"Gully Bank" where the famous DJ Mavado is from.

A local tag supporting JLP, Jamaica's Labour Party.  There are 2 major political parties that are at constant odds against each other, JLP and PNP, People's National Party. During election time, schools and businesses are shut down due to the riots and crime that takes place. 

 Location: Pembroke Hall, Kingston, Jamaica

A local wall mural showcasing Usain Bolt, Louise Bennett, Bob Marley and Haile Selassie

The heat can never deter style!

Local school children.  Uniforms are mandatory for all schools. 

 Locals just hanging out.

Soccer or Football as it's called internationally, is one of the major past times on the island.  You can see pick up games like this everywhere.

A legendary Jamaican pothole! The streets in Pembroke Hall are all like this. It's almost as if the government has forgotten that this area exists. 

Location:  Club Tan Jan, Orocabessa, St. Mary

Location:  Buccaneer Beach, Montego Bay

A wall mural located at Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

This was the bottom half of a run down abandoned hotel.  I didn't get the name of it, but it used to be the main hotel attraction in Montego Bay during the '70's.  It's now closed and there has been multiple attempts at restoring it, but for some reason, it never gets completed. 

Location: Port Maria, one of the many churches surrounding the island.  It is said that Jamaica has the most churches and bars per square mile in the entire world.


  1. These photos make me want to go to JAMAICA.. like now. lol.

    Looks like I'll be seeing you soon at fashion week!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaw Tamz.....Jamaica misses u!