Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured Designer: Canada's Amanda Lew Kee

I'm a very picky person when it comes to what I wear. I'll always see elements of something in a particular collection that will appease my fashion bi-polarism, but I have to honestly say, EVERYTHING in Amanda Lew Kee's line is fuckin' flooring me! Her 2011 Spring line balances my need for neutralization and flirtiness with sheers and delicate nudes and her Fall/Winter 2010 collection is moody, dark, suffocatingly awesome with provocative drapery, and leatherbound accesorial stack me, you HAVE to have me jewelry and embellishments.

I'm unfortunately going to miss the first few days of Toronto's Fashion Week 2011, but I'll return just in time to catch Amanda Lew Kee's runway which I will literally run over someone to get to. I'm also looking forward to the other inspirational and groundbreaking Canadian designers that will be featuring their collections.

Look out for some updates and exclusives forthcoming!

Check out some of my favourite pieces from Amanda Lew Kee's collection below:

Fall/Winter 2010

Spring 2011


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P.S. Her signature blue lipstick totally turns me on!!

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  1. I also can't wait to see her collection!!

    SO.. I messaged you my numero via email. I really hope you get it cus I didn't end up getting your last email :(

    Anyway.. If you don't get it, just message me again & I'll get it to you somehow :)

    Can't wait till Friday!!