Sunday, March 6, 2011


I had the amazing opportunity to attend War Child Canada's 4th Annual Rock the Runway fashion show last night hosted by Much Music's Sarah Taylor and Brendan Beamish from the band Nights and Weekends.  All proceeds of the show were dedicated to helping benefit women and children in Afghanistan.   

Aside from witnessing some pretty awesome up and coming designers and their collections, it felt really good knowing that just being there last night, we would all be apart of so something life changing and that alone amplifies the experience ten fold. 

Dr. Samantha Nutt, the Founder and Executive Director of War Child Canada:

Hosts Brendan Beamish and Sarah Taylor:

The founders of Rock the Runway below: Heather McCann, Randy Alexander, Juliana White and Fatima Yusuf

The ballerina they had during the show, no doubt working in theme with the 2011 Academy Award nominated picture Black Swan:

The music was also provided by Toronto based band, Young Empires. They were pretty awesome!

Seven Canadian designers were featured last night: 

Arnaldo Santos
Baby Steinberg
Cara Cheung
Chris Nevin
Danny Torjman
Sarah Stevenson
Zachary C. van Schoonhovan

All of them were great but my favourite of the night was Danny Torjman's 18 Waits collection.
As you know, I have a betrothment to men's wear and I loved everything that was presented.  The line has such a down to earth and easy appeal, but also making a strong statement mixing elements of the rugged woodsmen, the solitary poet and throwing in some 70's rock and folk culture.  Even the presentation rocked as prior to the models coming out, they had a really cool dude come out and do a solo on his harmonica.  That probably won me over before the show even started lol. 

Here are some shots below of the collection:

I also really liked Baby Steinberg's and Chris Nevin's collection which featured some really gorgeous and visually stunning dresses.

Baby Steinberg:

Chris Nevin: 

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