Sunday, April 3, 2011

LG Fashion Week: Style Savvy!

The Rundown:
 Sheer spotted blouse: Club Monaco
 Denim: Paige
 Braided belt: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Gucci
 Clutch: Diane von Furstenberg
Accesories: RetroSuperFuture frames and earrings of my own design, SoHo Monet.

Me and my girl Che of!

Louie Manzo of Black Wool Inc. Always ahead of the game!

Kim Williams, I'm feeling the colour girl!

I absolutely love the 'stash!

Myself and Spiro of

Jay Strut you are always so fly!

Ladies of


  1. Tammy! luv your pics. It's nice getting to see a different perspective on the fashion shows. And it was also nice hanging with you!

    I was wondering if you could send me the link for the guest bloggers for Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week. I went on their website & found nothing :(

  2. p.s. I wish I got to take a pic of the model with the 'stash.' He is so badass! ;)

  3. hey dahlin'! i don't have a website link because it's through a mutual friend :( try this i got it off the site under media

    the 'stash dude is rockin'! he was in the klaxton howl show too!