Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toronto Alternative Fashion and Arts Week 2011: Friday April 29th, Day 4

The last day of FAT 2011 was full of anticipation and the venue was buzzing. Parking was a bitch and it took me 20 minutes to find a spot. Great expectations as they say and it definitely went above and beyond...literally...keep on reading and you'll see what i mean...

I missed quite a few runway and performances unfortunately but check out the pics below from what I did catch:

Antonella Sigismondi's The Coochie Store which features a line of eclectic lingerie:

Louis J. Manzo and Baby Steinberg teamed up to present us with their debut line Miller Monroe: WO*MAN which graces us with a contemporary and exclusive twist on menswear. 

I loved when the models came out with longboards and plaid patterned garments and coordinating wraps. It was fresh and laidback vibing a cool and comfortable spin on sexual masculinity. 

Translation: Stand out and be an individual...fuck everyone else! Words to live by...

Fashion Whore was glitzy and fun. Not anything I would rock personally but it was entertaining and a great show!

And finally, the last day of FAT 2011 ended with a spectacular theatrical runway performance from Imagozine. 

There's soooo much that was involved with this performance so instead of rewriting everything, you can click the below link to catch it in full on FAT's blog:

And here are some pics of some attendees:

Ms Precious Keyz:

Hans Munoz of Isaac Boldt:

So in conclusion, it was an honor officially blogging for FAT 2011 and being in the presence of such talented and truly gifted artists. It's such a pleasure to be apart of something that supports artists who aren't afraid to be different and take risks in this dog eat dog industry. I'm a true believer and 100% supporter of the arts and more than anything, feel you should never compromise who you are. At the end of the day, if people don't love or respect you for you...just tell them to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.


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