Friday, May 27, 2011

The Speed of Sound: Little Hell by City and Colour

On June 7th, City and Colour officially releases his much anticipated third studio album Little Hell. I must say, I have been very unpatiently waiting for this to drop for some time.  Bring Me Your Love dropped in 2008 and it's still on heavy rotation on my disk changer and mp3. 

Dallas Green, as what he goes by alternatively when he's mashing it up on stage with Alexisonfire, is a prime example of true Canadian talent and what we have harvesting here in the Great North. With his melodic acoustic strumming style and airy and ethereal voice, City and Colour can clear the storm clouds brewing on a moody day and elevate my spirit, or contrastingly enough, dig me in a deeper hole when I feel like shit because his music is melancholy and heartbreakingly beautiful. 

Check out "Northern Wind" off the Little Hell which has already won me over:

And below is the first single "Fragile Bird" released off the album:

And one of my favs off of Bring Me Your Love, "Sleeping Sickness":

Also great news if you're in the Toronto area! June 6th at 8:15pm, City and Colour will be putting on a FREE show as a part of the Edge Sugar Beach Sessions to kick off the release of Little Hell! 
Check out the official website for details.

See you there!!

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