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Toronto Alternative Fashion and Arts Week 2011: Thursday April 28th, Day 3

Day 3 of FAT defined alternative and was most intriguing. The night attracted a crowd that was a total melting pot hip hop urbanites, dark otherworldly goths, glammed out rockers, socialites and everyone else in between. People were there positively vibing and sharing space to show support and love for the creative and innovative mindsets of each designer, artist and performer. 

My night started of with a performance from Jet Phynx who hails from New York City. Flashy and futuristic, his style is a fusion of pop, electronica and hip hop with a few collaborations under his belt with the likes of Flo Rida and Gym Class Heroes to name a few. 

My official review can be found here:

Below: Jet Phynx and Brawdway

One of my favourite photo exhibits of the week was The Spin Cycle by American born and Canadian raised photographer Ralph Nevins.

Official review here:

The pics below were taken during his screening prior the start of Heidi Ackerman and Lindsay Sinclair's IFFF and runway show. Nevins was also featured as a part of FAT's ongoing photo exhibit showcasing many a talented artists and their visual works. 

 Possibly one of my favourite collections, Toronto's own Heidi Ackerman and Lindsay Sinclair's runway was experimental, surreal and absolutely fab.  Industrial chic working with sheers, silks and shape and movement, it was fashion utopia. 

Prior to their runway, they aired a Fashion on Film screening (IFFF) working in collaboration with THIRTY9STEPS.  The video featured sneak peaks of her collection with movement, light and shadowplay. It was very intimate and very fluid.

Here are my favourites:

Ruth Weil was a welcomed returning designer to FAT this year showcasing ultra romantic and glamourous pieces. Below are some of my favs:

Montreal's Anastasia Lomonova collection could be described as a VIP swank mummy bloodbath and I was in complete awe. Binding wrapped shapely bodies, nylon, feminine drapery and exuding sexual confidence prowled the runway.

NRT Fashions from Calgary worked with a lot of mixed media and textiled fashions. All the models had black tape across their mouths and some fashioned black crossed tape across their breasts. Some strutted and some danced mysteriously. What secrets are you guys all with holding? 

Haphazard featured their line The Asylum which obviously couldn't be worn practically but was really cool and theatrical:

House of Etiquette was lethal and erotic. Below are my favs:

There were many other hardworking and amazing designers this night but these were my selections to showcase. You can check out FAT's blog for all their reviews here:

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