Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Things You Should Know About Me

I never really follow current trends when it comes to my personal style. But if I had to choose random things that influence my wardrobe, it would be a plethora of stuff.

I'm fashion bi-polar meaning it depends on how I feel at the moment. I love menswear, flirty florals, baggy boyfriends, sheers, Chucks, Choos, suspenders, pastel acordian skirts, lumberjack plaids and the list goes on...I'm mainly about comfort but on the flipside I'm also a cosmopolitan bitch.

I love Penfield jackets for men:

One of the best finds I ever bought from Lileo (my fav store owned by the hippest people, Syd Beder and Arlene Pastor). A pair of John Varvatos for Converse baggy pants with suspenders and zippered cuffs!

Not nearly as beat up as I like them:

The most comfortable heels I have chilling on a antique chair I bought for $40 at Abraham's Antiques on Queen St:

Original button fly's biatch! I love them boyfriend style


I can't tell you what's playing on the radio but I can tell you what's on my mp3: Band of Horses, Temper Trap, Neil Young, Aloe Blacc, Billie Holiday, Kanye, Tchaikovsky, Donny Hathaway, The Black Lips, Jay Z, Smif n Wessun, Air Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, Kid Cudi, Sam Cooke, Cat Power, Beethoven, Otis Redding, Joy Division, City and Colour, Biggie...ya I love music.

Vintage vinyl scored from an abandoned apartment:

I love weeping willow trees, summer nights, wildflowers, dirty Chucks, vintage finds, patterns, anything Native inspired and vinyl records.

image source: www.giverny-impression.com

So hello everyone, it's long delayed but it's very nice to meet you!

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