Monday, July 4, 2011

Street Style: Travel Benefits aka Bragging Rights

And by "Travel Benefits" I mean 2 things:  Off MCM's latest collection, the Cognac Visetos signature backpack AND the fact that wearing this backpack (or any brand new MCM bag) means that you had to travel internationally to get it (and I don't mean ebay shipping dude.)

Many an old foot may recognize the MCM logo. It was adorned on old school hip hop artists back in the day, along with many of fashion's elite when it was tagged under the name of German designer Michael Cromer Munchen, who started the brand in the 1970's. Nowadays, it's been reinvented as Mode Creation Munich but still very much keeping to the true roots of it's "artisanal expertise of German craftsmanship".

The Fresh Prince:

Rechristened and Rehyped:
Yeezy and crew

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Travis McCoy:

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LL loves MCM...but in a white jumpsuit circa 1980s:

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