Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stolen Moments: "I get my pallets from the sky..."

Location: On a side street somewhere...
Name: Mz Keyz

One of my most fav movies in terms of cinematography is New York, I Love You.  It doesn't have a spectacular screenplay, nothing that would warrant an Oscar. But I just loved it for the simple fact of just how simple it was.  It's a short romantical film compromising of eleven different encounters with love or lust, all taking place within the five boroughs of New York and all directed by eleven different directors.

The part of the film that sticks out the most to me is when a cabbie is randomly chatting and references the sky above and says "I get my pallets from the sky".  I don't know why, but I just fell in love with that sentence. It's the first thing that pops in my head whenever I look up and see all those beautiful hues that only sunsets or sunrises can create. 


  1. Girl, I have to check this one out .. I soo know what you mean about films that are simple without the fluff, action, etc.. One of my fave movies is 'Chasing Amy..' have you checked it out?

  2. I have! I love that movie! i don't know what it was about joey lauren adams?? her rabbity nasal voice was kinda like a turn on in a weirded out creepy kinda way?

    BTW! i'm loving your new locks!! you look so fresh faced and fab! I've been saying i want to totally bite Rumi Neely's light brown base and random dipped blond tresses. i need to make an appoint pronto my roots are running off my head :(

  3. I know.. that movie and joey lauren adams are bomb. And as for the hair.. my hairdresser actually went super crazy on the blonde.. I went home and tamed it down a bit.. I don't I could pull off the whole head.. and you know what sucks? The blonde is kinda brassy now.. and it's only been like 2 dang weeks!! shiet.. being a girl is expensive and so unnecessary!! :p