Thursday, August 18, 2011

Street Style: Ombre Hair

I can honestly admit I have a hair dye addiction and I haven't had virgin hair probably since I was 13. My first experience was when I decided to dye my hair electric purple in my bathroom.  Needless to say, it didn't really work because I'm Asian and my hair decided to say fuck you hell no. Since then, it's been every colour of the rainbow and in every style including: the blond TBoz, the layered Jennifer Anniston and the hot pink pre Nicki Minaj (that was an accident by the way. Fuck you Manic Panic), etc.

So as I've grown older, I've toned it down a bit  (well kinda because the side of my hair is shaved off) but whatever.  I'm kinda impulsive with it but hair is just hair and it grows back. You only live once!!

So 2 weeks ago I decided to jump on the Ombre craze and dye it yet again.  I do love this look though because it has a laid back, beachy, don't care my roots are out of control sorta look. The idea is to have a transition of colour from root to ends and somewhere in between. 


Alexa Chung and Kristen Stewart:

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Drew Barrymore:

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A model:

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My girl crush: Rumi Neely

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Nicki Minaj:

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