Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Street Style: The Bearded Man

Beards make a strong statement on their own and automatically leaves an impression of the dude sporting the hairy fixture.  I'm not exactly sure what does it for me, but I love the unpredictable, rugged appeal of a great hairy beard.

Unkempt, unruly, uncombed??

A well dressed and polished man with a bedraggled beard is quite jarring in appearance, but it ups the ante in a style war any day.

Does the man make the beard or does the beard make the man??

Iconic Beards:

The Bearded Crooner:  Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses

image source:

The Bearded Rapper:  Freeway

image source:

The Bearded Revolutionary:  Che Guevara

image source:

The Bearded Drummer/Music Journalist/Record Producer: ?uestlove

image source:

The Bearded Co-Founder of Vice Magazine:  Shane Smith

image source:

The Bearded Rasta:  The Legendary Bob Marley

The Bearded Producer Extordinaire:  Rick Rubin

Local Beards!

Location:  The Historic Distillery District, Toronto

Name: Cameron

Name: Bob!

Name:  The Fresh Prince

Location: Toronto

Subjects Own Provided Photos!

If you got a gnarly beard, hit me up and I'll post it!!!

Name:  AJ

Name:  Shock Deeze

Name: Jamal

Name:  Mikey

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